Once in a while during my blogging, I come across some cool links I like to share.


Critiques (Blogpost by Jason Schleifer)
The Fear of Moving Past Blocking (Blogpost by Jason Schleifer)
Do Me a Favor (Tutorial by Keith Lango)
Breakdowns (Tutorial by Keith Lango)
Shot Breakdown from Everyone's Hero (by Justin Barrett)
Facial Takes (by Victor Navone)
Gesture Drawing for Animation (by Walt Stanchfield)
Thoughts on studying Animation (by Justin Barrett)
Splinophilia (by Victor Navone)
Exaggeration (by Victor Navone)
3 Speeds (by Victor Navone)
Animation Notes from Ollie Johnston (by Glen Keane)
Notes from James Baxter Lecture (from Seward Street)

Stanford 2005 Commencement Speech (by Steve Jobs)
I Drew Roger Rabbit (Richard Williams on YouTube)
The Theif who Never gave up (Richard Willams on YouTube)
Glen Keane Lecture (18 parts on YouTube)
Pixar Animation Studio Tour
Storytelling as best practice (Google Video)
Glen Keane Interview (by Clay Kaytis - Animation Podcast)

Interview Brad Bird (by SplineDoctors)
Interview Andreas Deja (by Frames per Second Magazine)
Disney Family Albums
Art Babbitt Documentary (3 parts at YouTube)
Glen Keane about Tarzan (1 part at YouTube)
Don Hahn about Beauty and the Beast (1 part at YouTube)
Glen Keane animates a scene (3 parts at YouTube)
Alan Menken Documentary (2 parts at YouTube)
Recording session 'A Whole New World' (From Aladdin)
Disney Animation Special from 1981 (4 parts on YouTube)
A tought from Ollie Johnston (Hans Perk/YouTube)
Tex Avery Documentary (5 parts on YouTube)

Manufactured Images (by Keith Lango)
The Unofficial Truth about the Industry (CG Talk article)

Brad Bird on fostering Innovation (Gigaom article)

The Illusion of Life (by Frank & Ollie)
The Animators Survival Kit (by Richard Williams)
A Practical Handbook for the Actor
The Visual Story (by Bruce Block)
Story (by Robert McKee)
Acting for Animators (by Ed Hooks)
Simplified Drawings for Planning Animation (by Wayne Gilbert)
Inspired 3D Short Film Production (by Jeremy Cantor & Pepe Valencia)
Drawing on the right side of the brain (by Betty Edwards)
Animation from script to screen (by Shamus Culhane)
Thinking Animation (by Angie Jones & Jamie Oliff)


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